Sentience Audio system foresee Acoustic Detection for conditional maintenance and production control. Most of the industrial failures or production mishaps have warning signs that you can hear. Sentience Audio system foresee is a tool that allow to train a specific audio Analytic Model for each equipment and then use it to monitor in real time 24/7 the equipment and trigger an alarm each time its generate an abnormal sound. The system can be trained to either detect know failure sound or more simply detect any sound that is not part of the normal behavior.

Drone protection Small observation drones, such as commercial quad-copter are becoming more and more popular and are opening a breach in the security of many areas. Theses devices are capable to carry small loads of spying equipment such as cameras / recorders, but also WIFI / GSM sniffer. The drones are capable of quickly crossing physical barriers, landing anywhere to collect intelligence. The sound made by a flying drone is quite specific and easy to detect. With the help of advanced audio analytic algorithm it is possible to detect at about 100m a presence of a flying drone.

Audio Analytic for detecting security threats When protecting physical areas, most of the threats or events to detects have a sound signature. A human presence would be able to detect such threat easily. Sentience Audio system a product capable of listening to the sound environment and classify the different sound to detect targeted event. It is therefore possible to detect the presence of a vehicle trough the sound of its engine, the presence of the human conversation, an helicopter, an sounding alarm, etc ... For all theses needs, Sentience Audio system is a solution to build an automated detection system with a high sensitivity and high immunity to false alarms.

Gates and fence protections this days there are many systems which secure area and people but actually they are in risk. our first product in this field is gate opener device which is protected from APT (advanced persistent treats) attack.

Red teams We provides red teams solutions which mixed of tactical technological and physical worlds, we mix cyber treats and conventional world.